My ex girlfriend is dating my coworker

So at the end of august aug 21 , a friend of the family said he saw her at a football game and that she was with a new guy. I had already heard rumors of this guy as well in the beginning of june but she played it off that it was nothing and she didnt know what I was talking about. So I email her and say this was to bait her "hey, fred said he saw you at the football game. So I message back and tell her she lied to me and led me on over the months and should have told me this and what kind of person would with hold this type of information? She denies hiding anything and says they have only started dating since the beginning of august.

Ive tried to rationally talk to her and tell her that I have tons of time now with the house finished and that I still deeply love her and care for her and want her in my life but she is sticking with this dave guy and saying that he gives her more attention and is more outgoing and such she claims that I didnt give her enough attention, which was true at the time because of the circumstances. Its so weird cause in the 2. She was the best woman Ive ever dated in my life, by far I even called her a couple days ago and pleaded for her to get back with me yes desperate but desperate people do desperate things.

She shut me down and said "Tom, its over, move on, you need to stop calling me. But then what fuks with my mind even more is she emails me back the day after shutting me out and says "sorry about last time on the phone but u caught me at a bad time, dont worry you will get through this, I know how it feels to be love sick, its the same when you left me. I will write you more later about how Ive felt for the last 3 weeks and she has left me hangin again for the past couple of days. So now Im in a pretty fuked up state of mind cause I finished all of this house stuff so we could have more time together and everything falls apart.

She cuts me off then emails me. I dont know what to think. I think there is still love for me in her 2. I know the only reason she is dating this guy is because he has been trying to white knight her at work for the past yr trying to ask her out and stuff and swooped in like a vulture when he found out we broke up. Apperantly he gives her more attention as well how can I compete with that, they friken work together!? He is definetly a down grade in the looks department as well IMO and he is pretty old compared to her 26 vs.

So I dont know how to go about this. It dosent look like ill be getting her back anytime soon if ever. We were madly in love before this break up and now things have changed for the worst. How should I win her back RH?

I dont want to lose this girl. I would marry her in the future. She is pure wife material. I feel like I really fuked up bad and things will never be the same.

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Originally Posted by bluemarlinO4. It's completely stupid though to break up with her to focus on finishing the house. Why couldn't you just tell her you need time to finish the house and get it done without dumping her? It sounds like she gave you every possible way to stay together she offered friends with benefits and you turned her down Maybe if you tell her how dumb you were for dumping her and then expecting her to wait around she'll stop punishing you and take you back. That or just move on Why would you want her back after her banging a 35 yr old white knight for months anyways?

Start by taking responsibility for your actions and stop using the renovation of your house as an excuse. It has nothing to with that, and everything to do with you. She emails you after your calls because she cares enough about you that she doesn't want to completely crush you and pities you. If you truly care about her, stop being selfish and let her be happy. We always sat next together. Then she dumped me and we suddenly sat at other ends of the classroom. She then started dating another guy in the class.

Break up with a Co-Worker

It was humiliating seeing them together, but I never made that same mistake again. Post 14 of views. If it makes you feel any better simply look at him and say "She's your headache now" and then move on. In most companies your ass would have, and should have been on the street in a matter of moments. Post 15 of views. There's been some good advice above, yet no one has suggested the smartest next step. Right now, while the emotions are raw and absorbing your thoughts, you need to go out and get a tattoo that records the entire narrative for posterity. Otherwise, 6 months from now you'll be dating someone else, thinking she's the greatest ever, and you'll have all but forgotten this little melodrama.

How can I get my ex-gf back? (shes dating her murse co-worker)

With the right tattoo, you can remember it forever, and share it with future loved ones. You know it's the right move. Post 16 of views. Join my religion and I am promoting you to my "Worldly Advice" divison. That is some solid advice. Post 17 of views. HR is going to have a field day with this. Post 18 of views. Post 19 of views. Bang the cleaning lady on your ex's desk. It willl probably be gross and you'll probably get a disease, but talk about teaching her a lesson. Barring that, suck it up and move on.

Post 20 of views. I think your reaction is a little extreme to be honest.

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You didn't want her back and now she is free to choose who she dates. Ask yourself this question. If the answer is yes, then you have to deal with letting her go and find someone else. And keep things at work to yourself. Going to your boss and asking to be transferred will get you out the door, but not with that Company. You need to go out and find a nice girl and forget about this one.


Post 21 of views. I am fortunate enough to have a supportive and understanding boss who is also my friend I have discussed my options with both of them. Quite frankly we are all care about each other and treat each other like family. Both of them obviously are unhappy with the situation while also caring about my me both professionally and personally. I am a seasoned vet regarding my job and do damn well at it.

With the current situation I know I would be doing my team a disservice as well as myself by gutting this one out that is why I requested a transfer. There are enough clubs with the company that I work with that a transfer would work. An experienced salesman that knows the product is valuable anywhere. On a positive note my 30 min commute to work will be cut down to 10 min. I appreciate all of the responses Post 22 of views. I am laughing straight in your face.

You are a 12 year old girl! Holy shit Hanna get some help. Find a shrink or 3 and spend all your time with them. You make me look mature and together. Now get away from me and do everything for my benefit!!! Shit he probably new what a bitch you are and was trying to put of the teen drama for a few more hours.

My Ex is Dating my Coworker - Should This Bother Me So Much? - Community Forums

Post 23 of views. You're not getting much love around here, so let Homie set your mind at ease: Something tells me you are a young person. I don't want to be "that girl" in my program who seems possessive of her ex, but I have to WORK with the girl he's screwing and see her all the time.

I worked so hard to get into this program, and my marks and professionalism are my 1 priority. This is my career network, and I don't want my colleagues to have a negative opinion of me. Am I being unreasonable? Should I say nothing? What might my colleagues think of me if I asked them not to see each other?

My school is really big on professionalism, so I worry if I asked for some extensions while I dealt with it emotionally, they would just think I'm jealous and immature. Share Share this post on Digg Del. It's none of your business, who your ex is seeing after your breakup. But I know it hurts, and for that I'm sorry. But think of it this way. My guess is, having to see your ex's current girl is going to sting for a while. But sabotaging your career over this will sting for much, much longer.

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my ex girlfriend is dating my coworker My ex girlfriend is dating my coworker
my ex girlfriend is dating my coworker My ex girlfriend is dating my coworker
my ex girlfriend is dating my coworker My ex girlfriend is dating my coworker
my ex girlfriend is dating my coworker My ex girlfriend is dating my coworker
my ex girlfriend is dating my coworker My ex girlfriend is dating my coworker
my ex girlfriend is dating my coworker My ex girlfriend is dating my coworker
my ex girlfriend is dating my coworker My ex girlfriend is dating my coworker
my ex girlfriend is dating my coworker My ex girlfriend is dating my coworker

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