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We put them on a pedestal and lavish them with compliments.

We excuse the little things that would normally bother us and sweep them under the rug. We see each day through rose-colored glasses and live in complete bliss and utter harmony.

The Four Seasons of Marriage: Secrets to a Lasting Marriage

Here come the cracks and faults in our relationship. We put each other on trial. It's no longer cute that he leaves his banana peel on the counter instead of throwing it away. We nag, scrutinize and judge each other. The rumbling of the volcano begins. Everything that we've held inside during the other seasons now bursts out. We sling mud, lash out, belittle, suspect, accuse, lie and cover up. Our words slash like samurai swords and hurt the very one we love.

If we know that we will have lows as well as highs in relationships, we can see through the eyes of love and understanding instead of experiencing an icy, cold winter period. We can know when our partners need a little distance and not take it personally.

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We can recognize when we are acting irrationally and see how that pushes our partners away. We can notice patterns of behavior in ourselves as well as our partner that are not serving our higher selves and bring it to our and their attention.

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We can love our partner completely, imperfections and all. We can promise ourselves to be the best we can possibly be, thus bringing out the best in our partner.

The Seasons of Relationships | HuffPost

Patterns of abuse, whether physical or emotional, however, are serious issues that require professional help. Love should never hurt and your boundaries should never be violated.

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Falling in love is one of the most powerful intoxicants. I probably would have married him six months into dating him had he asked me then, even though my more logical and rational mind would have whispered to me to evaluate things a little longer. Every step of the way, we tried to be present in the moment and enjoy where we were, one milestone and moment at a time.

We talked about our expectations for marriage, how we envisioned our potential spouses, how we envisioned engagement, wedding topics, you name it, in those first months of dating. About four months into dating my husband, one of my best friends got engaged. She met her husband about two weeks before I met mine.

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When I told David, he was a little nervous about it. I could tell he was wondering what I thought about it. I made it clear that I thought it was a little off the deep end — a little whimsical, a little irrational.

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Anyone can fake it for a while, and you should know your potential spouse through all the seasons at least once, if not a couple of times, to get a sense for how they really are. He had a very good point. If you make them happy while doing that, then you might have a match! Create a blueprint for yourself.

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