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The Subconscious of a Stressed Med Student

If this discussion happens to be on facebook then being in a relationship and committed I will treat them exactly and ends every sentence of the comment with i love you my girlfriend..

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This is different I a mean this is blog.. Last week was awesome! Blessings to medical students. The world needs doctors. They work hard and give their strength to helping others. Hi, thanks for finding and following my writing blog. Hope you enjoy reading. Hey, I read your post and smiled all the way through. As a med student, do you think its possible to survive a relationship like that?

Reasons why you ‘should’ date a Medical Student! | Ijassdie

Enli, thanks for stopping by.. It all depends on how you are committed to each other despite all the busy schedule, make room to talk to each other everyday atleast for few a minutes.. Yes, we are busy very busy!

Why the Primary Care Physician Shortage Is so Costly to Our Healthcare System

When you love someone too much everything else comes second.. I been in a relationship with my girlfriend for almost 9 years, who is currently a medical student in her 3rd year.

Anyhow, below are my first hand experience:. All they care about is their next exam or their next rotation. They have no time to think about how you feel let along pretend. Unless she is on rotation, which is just business casual. She is now 10 times more germaphobic than when I first met her in high school. My girlfriend has always been a pretty good listener.

The problem is that being a medical student is so busy that she barely have the time to communicate, this includes listening. Other than that is the other way around. There has definitely been an obvious and palpable shift in who is more likely to pursue post-secondary education. So if a female doctor tries to find a similarly educated man to pair herself with, the odds are unfortunately not in her favor.

The dating gap then leads to another issue that educated women often face in the dating world — the perception that a smart, successful, financially strong, and independent woman is only desirable in fantasy, not reality. Yes, you can try to date men who are out of your league or who are not as educated as you. But, sadly, according to a social psychology study , men find a woman who they perceive to be more intelligent more attractive until they are less of an abstract thought and more of a concrete reality.

So, unlike what songs by Neyo, Lil Boosie, and Fabulous taunt as a flattering desire for an independent woman, men seem to still face social pressure to be the breadwinner and just prefer to be the alpha. But of course, being a doctor was ranked as the 4th most desirable profession for a man, right after pilot, entrepreneur, and firefighter. So yes, the average American adult is less likely to be married now than, say, two generations ago since people are focusing more on their career and personal fulfillment than finding a spouse.

There still is a stigma related to women working and not being the domestic, under-educated beauties we were once expected to be. Men still feel pressure to be the primary breadwinner and women still feel pressure to let them think that at least on the first few dates! If a man is single, nobody thinks much about it. However, society does wonder why an attractive woman is single especially after 4 years in university. This is when speculation about her history, personality flaws etc come into play. Aside from being fellow medical students, her male peers probably won't be all that different from other guys who have approached her and been rejected.

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So, unless she's changed something e. Makes it sound like the female medical students are mice running around for the the male eagles to swoop down and grab. Not exactly the impression I have my colleagues in medical school either way. There are some class romances. It is only natural - I mean they are your peer group with similar interests often etc. I wouldn't go after a med student although romances can definitely happen since the student body is always together, tired and run-down and some may be attractive to one.

Reasons why you ‘should’ date a Medical Student!

I wouldn't because of the size of the student body, how close people are to one another, etc. Sounds like a lot of gossip could be had and I try to stay clear of that. While plans do not always pan out, I am planning to find someone studying in my previous bachelor's field of study. Sure I can see your point but some people are not interested in dating in undergrad I know lots of normal single chicks in med! People in med school are not necessarily more likely to have similar interests. The only thing somewhat guaranteed is having an interest in medicine, and the nature of that interest could be completely different.

There will definitely be couples in any med class, because people in the class happen to have other interests which are similar and because there will be an increased opportunity for those individuals to meet. But that doesn't mean the best match for a med student is another med student! Plus, things can get nasty quickly if a relationship doesn't work out! Going from not being interested in dating during undergrad, to becoming interested during med school is a change in attitude to dating , which I mentioned in my previous post.

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Dating female medical students

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