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Of course, she also has experience in dating other K-Pop singers who are not in the same agency. Well, they spent many nights together and she became pregnant.

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As worrying about each other's future as prominent entertainer, they were not able to give birth to a baby. After a couple broke up, they got something going again with each other's fellow memebers. It means, of course, one share a bed with another who had been his fellow member's girl friend. Do you think this is possible? Well, I think they don't care about it at all. The more shocking fact is that she was dating a Kpop male singer at the same time, and he already knew about her promiscuous privacy. He sobbed and ran around like a chicken with its head cut off.

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She didn't like her looks and had the sugery at her own expense. It made the agency angry when she appeared in front of people with her totally changed face. She eventually had to get surgery again to recover her natural face. This is how it is. He approached the girl intentionally even though he already knew that the girl was dating another guy. She had been dating another K-Pop singer who is a lot older than her. Well, she is pretty, but her mind seems to be too Tiffany-twisted.

He is Douted As a Gay! He is dainty and feminine boy. Moreover, he never stays at the same accommodation with his male fellow members. She slept together with the player and the news about the two has been noised abroad. Eventually, she had to beseech him not to spread the rumor.

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The group is not the highest level K-Pop girl group, but the members has been dating the members of the highest level K-Pop boy bands. The members usually talk behind other girl group's back, and ignore their inferiors. His mother is a troublemaker wherever she goes. Relying on her son, she is always holding her head high. He has changed his phone number many times to wash his hands of her, but it was no use. He now has severe depressions. If you've noticed me giving some odd opinions about things, it's probably because of this guy.

I'm scrambling the order as a further means of protection. Also, I'll be combining several emails to more accurately describe situations that might develop over years. Rising girl group member keeps getting harassed. After this group won on a music show, one of the members started getting a lot of texts from members of various male idols.

She came to a shoot one morning distraught because of this, stating that over the course of the past week she's received over a hundred texts from guys. She's still too early in her career to be thinking of dating, and as the main vocal, too much stress can crack her voice. She stopped giving rebuttals after one male idol accused her of being gay because she refused to go on a coffee date with him. During the rehearsal one of the guys kept yelling obscenities at her, and they had to redo the filming several times because she kept breaking down in tears.

More recently, her manager took her phone from her and changed her number. This stopped the harassing texts but some male idols now actively bully her when there are no cameras. To date she has had malicious rumors about her sexuality spread among the guys, and some have done things like push her harshly into walls, forced her to trip, and a few have blown smoke in her face trying to damage her throat.

Older idols who have gone through the same thing have tried to protect her using their seniority, but now these guys just wait until their seniors are away.

One senior in particular has taken a liking to her, calling her gifted and full of potential, and uses their own security to protect her whenever they're in the same building together. Everyone knew about Baekyeon. This probably doesn't come as a shock to anyone, but the infamous Baekyeon couple had been a thing for longer than what Dispatch and SM said.

As early as EXO's debut , the two had been flirting quite a bit. Apparently the relationship developed quickly, and enough people were "in on it" that many would go out of their way to help pretend it didn't exist. EXO played up their skinship with Baekhyun to divert attention away from the blooming couple, and after SM gave their permission, SNSD also went to lengths to divert attention by using their own existing relationships as a distraction.

Single members would intentionally spread dating rumors about themselves to protect Baekyeon.

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Things were hard for the couple after the relationship came public, but they tried their best to make it work. They were something of a "darling" relationship in the company, and they had a lot of support, but ultimately stress and work caused the couple to unravel.

Although the breakup was amicable and they agreed to try again after some time, it was still really hard on the both of them, and it caused Taeyeon's depression to flare up again. Coupled with the extreme guilt she still feels over Jessica, Taeyeon has been on anti-depressants ever since therapy failed.

Two top Korean stars find themselves entangled in homosexual and AIDS rumors | allkpop

Wonder Girls were told that once Twice found their footing, JYP the company was going to break up the group. JYP the person was against this ruling, but since he is no longer the CEO, even he had to answer to the company.

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He threatened to leave unless he could give WG at least one more comeback, and because of that we got 2. For what it's worth, Twice apparently still has no idea that Miss A and Wonder Girls were sacrificed for them. Since this is mostly pure rumor i. Twice looks up to both groups and it would probably hurt them a lot to hear of this. Rivalry between girl groups. Most of the 3rd generation girl groups hate each other. Outside of known friendships, the reason that most girl groups don't interact like 2nd generation groups did is because of the intense rivalry fostered by the agencies. Managers have been seen telling their groups to not interact with other groups, and even among well-known friendships, agencies have been known to be upset that the groups have any sort of friendship.

On one of the year end shows, the rivalry became so intense that two girls ended up fighting backstage during rehearsals. One group from a certain agency has been told to spread malicious rumors about the other groups but they have not done so as far as is known. Because of this, 3rd generation girl groups tend to be more insulated but more tightly knit. Most of the friendships seen on television within the groups are real, but most of the inter-group relationships are fake, and there's a lot of fighting over screentime. The biggest groups are mostly not even allowed to interact with "lesser" girl groups, with few exceptions.

It was a mistake of words, but she admitted on camera that she only wants to date other girls. The footage has since been deleted, but already among idol groups it is known, and many people have made their displeasure or support known. The agency the group belongs to has gone to great lengths to suppress the information, but many rival groups have used it already as blackmail to keep the group from getting more variety appearances. The girl in question has recently been admitted into therapy after an attempted suicide that the agency managed to cover up, saying she went to the hospital for unrelated reasons.

The agency had apparently forced her into gay-conversion therapy to try and rid herself of her sexuality, which is what led to her suicide attempt. She has since been put into regular therapy She is the only known female idol to be LGBT. She managed to protect the identity of the girl she was flirting with, but rumor has it the other girl is also an idol singer. The 2nd Generation idols are dropping like flies and the industry is flipping its shit. The following year the perfect couple was revealed — the YoonGi couple.

The two stars have been well known for their proper lifestyle and friendly personalities. On August , the two announced that they have split up. Although the two were spotted on romantic situations multiple times, the pair continue to deny rumors of their romantic relationship. Although the well matched couple just started their relationship, the pair announced their separation on September due to their busy schedules. Will a new K-Pop couple be announced on January 1st, ?

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