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As I scanned the room, I spotted the hunk. Not just a reality show cast memeber but, the face of Abercrombie. Just a reminder of what all the fuss was about. He approached me shortly after I had arrived. I tried to play it cool, gave him my number and started making the rounds. He went out of his way to find me before he left to say goodbye so I knew the deal had been sealed. He decided to take me out on Valentines Day, how annoying but I was desperate. Little did I know that Abercrombie is a cheap bitch.

Not the actual photo.. What a first impression. And to make matters worse, he failed to open the door for me and on top of that handed me a white rose as I got in the car. It was a sweet gesture, but all I could think of was that it was probably the paycheck from Abercrombie. We went to a very nice place in Brentwood where we got to know each other. Nice guy, easy to look at, but the voice. Like sweet home Alabama stuck on repeat. I was getting a migraine.

I decided it was a good time to start drinking. On a lame evening three months later, I decided it was time to return one of his phone calls. So when a direct message popped up after the party saying how stunning she looked and could they meet up, she was surprised - and then panic set in. Why would this beautiful guy be interested in her? Fears aside, she took him up on his offer. They went to dinner, chatted over pasta and then returned to her place. He told her that she had won the genetic lottery with her figure. Nadine laughed, stating he must be talking about the extra 10 pounds she was lugging around.

He didn't seem to mind that I wasn't hot. He seemed to "enjoy" my company. He took forever to cum and that's what broke us up. Firstly, the lower the IQs of the models, the easier they are to control and the more profit others will make. So rocket scientists of either sex, need not apply.

Secondly, humble people do not gravitate to modeling, you are dealing with a pretty vain, self involved mindset to begin with. Thirdly, models are treated by the clients, agents and photographers with the same respect as bags of potatoes at the truck shipping yards. So this is why they are a bit "testy". Fourthly, many of the people working behind the scenes are modeling rejects, with the resentment and negative attitudes to match. Fifthly, The only way to really make it, is to attach yourself to a celebrity or powerful person you meet, during your short window of opportunity as a model.

One magazine photo with Madonna will do more for your modeling career, than all the plastic surgery in the world and photos in a adds. Sixthly, drugs are the number one way models stay thin - everyone knows it. Plus drugs have a secondary benefit for the agencies see Firstly. Seventh, there are still more people wanting to be models today than, ever before in human history, as a number AND as a percentage of the population. Also, a youth obsessed modeling culture keeps the faces changing regularly and prevents the creation of super models who start to interfere with profit.

Much of the money made today in modeling is holding these modeling competitions in nowhere towns. Parents pay a fortune for support services just to get their ugly kids into the contest, so they can brag about their kid being a model. The winner gets a short term, mock modeling contract, that has already been paid for 1, over, by the contestants fees. It is a real cash cow. Damn you people are fucking OLD!

Who the fuck has used the phrase "Male Model" since about ? The other day I saw a female bus driver! A woman driving a bus!!! You're not the brightest bulb on the tree are you? Maybe you're a male model. I know this is olden news, but I used to work at fashion shows back in the day with Kevin Krier.

Well I got to go backstage and mingle a bit before and after the shows. Male model Ryan Locke always struck me as gay. I remember catching him in an intense conversation with the singer Maxwell. I could tell they were both really into each other, but both so deep in the closet, they really couldn't show it.

I think it was R16 that I most relate to. Another fleetingly brief model here. I never understood my looks. I can appreciate them in pictures, looking back.

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I never understood why anyone would want to photograph me. I see now that my lips are ridiculous as a white boy. My face is interesting in certain lighting situations. I have a good jaw in certain light, but not in real life. I don't look like my pictures. The camera definitely lies. I'm about to turn 40, and it's interesting to look back. R lol so true about parents shoving their ugly kids to be models. My coworker is one.

Her daughter is fugly and she happen about her wanting to be a model ever fucking day. I had lattes with the model yesterday. A totally endurable half hour of talking, he wanted to see my apt. I realize many people end up having sex at this point, but we were very out of sync and neither of us made a move. I have his number now. And sorry r, I think it might be unfair to name names at this point. Based on his interest in your apartment, IMO you could have had sex with the model if you pushed for it. Good for you for not going for it if there was no connecting vibe.

Sex for models is overtly available and has little value, they are looking for substance. They often date other models or people linked to the modeling industry and they can't find any substance in a relationship. Interesting that British Vogue has a slideshow on its favorite male models and doesn't bother to name them. According the the forums at FD no male model is gay, they insist Matt Gordon is not gay and had a gf, and the insist Joao Vellutini is not gay and has a gf, having said that both is probably true and neither is not gay. Fashion Male Model is really homophobic, probably more homophobic than gay porn.

Matt Gordon seems to me gayer than life itself and I say that as the greatest compliment, he's sweet. I once saw that boy filmed backstage getting made up for a runway show. He was yapping away to his male stylist with half his hair up in bobby pins and it was an explosion of jazz hands and 'Oh okay guuurl' type schtick.

I Dated A Male Model And It Made Me Feel Insecure

Those fool fangirls are in total denial about half the male models as there are quite a few bi or gay guys in high fashion circles, especially Euro ones. It doesn't help that they always end up doing interviews about fictional girlfriends or what they're looking for in a woman. Models beard just as much as teenbeat actors. Why, I don't know. I think it is fear of losing a gig because they are perceived too effemmey for or by the client. Even Mark Jacobs, the openly gay designer, makes his male models overtly butch up. I read a piece on some gay site, could have been gay.

Because every industry barring that of the great drag queening variety is terrified of openly gay men expressing themselves. I remember an article on a fashion modelling forum where some chick, her cousin went off to model for one of the big name houses in NYC and he was straight away told to butch it up. He wasn't actually gay but the message that came across was that they were paranoid about image and perceived effeminacy and that you'd get more work if you toned down gay mannerisms which come naturally to some.

And yes bearding is rife in top modelling too. The women probably have less of a hard time than the guys. It says his page doesnt exist anymore. I hope he didnt off himself: Wow, i didnt realize there were so many other shy, neurotic MM's out there.

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We should form a support group. In the late 90s when i modeled, i was a go-to "heroin chic" guy. I was truly driven insane by the conflicting surges of flattery and embarassment. Never kept a porfolio, threw a tantrum if my bf ever brought it up in public, but kept doing it and never turned a job down. And us interesting looking guys only got shitting paying editorial work and some runway. It truly is a rare type of mental illness that only a few get to experience. Love your post, r I know a few guys that were in the same place career-wise as you not booking campaigns, but walking and they went to really different places - one went into soaps and the other moved back home to the Midwest.

I think the second scenario happens to many models.

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I love Cesar Casier. He's the cutest thing ever and writes this blog that approaches adorable the malapropisms sometimes! I worked with a guy in retail back in the 90s. Thin and had "clothes hanger shoulder. He went to a party Martin Lawrence was throwing in DC with a cousin one weekend an was modeling the next! He wound up going to Italy and god knows where else to model. He had a full time job and did this on the weekends. The retail was his pt job. He spoke of the embarrassment of nudity all around and such. I could only imagine what else went on he was too shy to talk about.

His DC cousins knew Lawrence. He went for a visit one weekend I think this was right after the first crazy episode he had, or right before it. Justin Clynes just came up as someone I might know on Facebook. We have two mutual friends though no one I'm close enough to ask about him. Judging by the many photos of him hanging out with gay guys and the zero of him with straight guys I'd say he's gay.

I wanna know about River too! In his earlier videos on his you tube channel, before he was famous or even verified on twitter, he seemed very gay, doing the faces, hand gestures, recording every big client's agency with his camera, talking about and showing clothes he won, recording him at make-up chair asking about every product that was being put on his face, talking about how he doesn't listen to rock, only pop, etc.

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Couple months ago he tweeted he was seeing old Britney Spears videos, then a girl asked about it and he said he was a fan. Other day he talked about the Spice Girls. Am I being unreasonable here? I know Justin a bit. He took my last headshots and they and he are fantastic. He's not closeted, and is perhaps the most self-possessed guy still in his 20s I've ever met.

To know him is to love him, I imagine. I could not get over how handsome he was during the shoot. You will love the results. Justin Clynes is openly gay. He dated one of my best friends.

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  6. We've gone to the NY gay pride pier dance and parade as a group. He is VERY feminine and even wears makeup at times in public. Have always dreamt of dating or even knowing a male model , but if I was ever lucky enough I'd treat him as I'd like to be treated. I'm 20 years old 6 ft and hoping to get into modelling when I move. But if a male model wants to chat you can contact me by my email address. Thiel date male models? I have a feeling he doesn't, that he's looking for someone who's as brain and accomplished. So, nobody knows anything about RJ and Derek? Someone who knows his sister I know, I know, it's the Internet says she confirmed he hooked up with Nick Grimshaw a couple of years ago at least.

    He and Miles Mcmillan would make a beautiful couple, haha. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Dating Male Models Okay, so no model's going to date me, unless my whole "going to business school this fall" thing somehow leads me down a road to riches.

    Was the model British, R10? They don't learn the getting along with others skills the rest have to learn. I would love to date a hot male model with low self esteem. OP, listen to R24's advice. R32, was he Chris Zylka? Then you can add to that most male models are horrible homophobes, it's not a job for gays. Mat Gordon is gay, too! Isn't he like within the top 50 male supermodels right now? There is another guy called Cesar Casier is also suppose to be gay.

    R34 is a great parody post. R41, can you at least spill the beans on Lenz von Johnston then!? Is Lenz von Johnston gay or bi?

    Simon Cowell's ex-fiancée Mezhgan Hussainy is dating a model Phillipe LeBlond

    Kirker, are you talking about Michael Barbaro or Windsor Mann? R61, can you post a picture of a guy that looks similar to that ex of yours? Eh, they both look boney. Is Sean O'Pry gay or straight. More gossip on Lenz, please. Fashion insider at R41, come back and share more gossip on Lenz! It looks like they are friends Is Jon K even in the closet? Male models are too tall and butch. Jon Kortajarena is a hot model and works as much high fashion as street. Here is a really hot photo of him.

    He was for a short while the number one male model. Is Christopher Fawcett really gay. The guy is crazy hung. And it's not just a sock. Chirs could be in the new Bravo version of the A-List. French model Matthieu Charneau is also gay. Fashion Insider, come back! This thread is has 96 wishful thinking posts. How do you know that Lenz isn't gay, R97? I know who Kirker is talking about.

    Why I Stopped Dating Male Models – Mott and Prince Blog

    Jon Kortajarena is so in demand right now. If he gay why dont more people know it? I do believe that some male models also like to have sex with women. There are almost no confirmed gay actors either, but that has nothing to do with reality R Isn't gay porn star Ben Andrews doing some high end rumway shows in NY now?

    So yes there is a possibility that you will be in a position to date models. I wonder how this thread would be different if we separated the term Gay into: Has sex with guys OR 2. Is romantically involved with guys. Sadly R14, that was just a bogus bi from some blog. Who are our model crushes? What about Marlon Teixeira. I think he got his nose done but he was sexy before too. What about Baptiste Giabiconi? I read rumors that he and Karl Lagerfeld got married? Are there any real gossip nowadays in DL!? My current infatuation below.

    I'm ever so curious. Joe MacDonald was muy hermoso. Baptiste Giabiconi is rough trade or "gay-for-pay," r The need to be wanted, becomes a critical life force. Matt Gordon is gay? I wanna date dis guy. Nathan does not look like a tuna, how dare you. Is this Marlon Teixeira? Nikola Jovanovic and Christopher Fawcett are currently dating.

    Nikola Jovanovic is so hot! Chris and he make a gorgeous couple. Pic of Chris and Nik. Now that's a hot, happy couple. So much for no one hot is gay theory. R are you on drugs? More pics of hot models please. Nikola Jovanovic is a real model. Fun to know he's gay. Here you go R One of my crushes in my younger years, Thomas Fleming. So I need a gay model story stat.

    So many of us do. I'll not post for a while and wait.

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